Okami Announcement not Sequel Related

Sorry Okami fans, looks like that mysterious announcement about the series that’s coming in future isn’t the sequel news you might have been hoping for.  Worse still, it’s almost likely to be a Japan only thing, so whatever it is might not even be released in other regions.  Here’s the old announcement people were taking as sequel news:

Hello, this is Okami news. Sorry I’ve been kind of out of touch lately, but I have the feeling we’ll be able to drop a fresh announcement like WHAM! around the beginning of Golden Week, so please look forward to it. Right now we’re on track with preparations.

Here’s the confirmation it’s not a sequel (as translated by Google Translate):

It is operated by Ichi you like is part topic tweet! “Does Doka to GW dawn” the other day, have Awaawa. ~ Everyone, as if to tell from the front or is good, you should not be in a hurry. Step by step, is one step at a time. This is not a notice in the sequel So, please wait to relax! # OKAMI

And a comment by Capcom vice president Christian Svensson about the news:

Whatever it is, it’s likely only in Japan… I’ve got no details on what they were referring to (but as has been stated, whatever it is, it’s not a game).

So there you have it.  There is some Okami related news coming soon, but it’s most definitely not going to about a sequel and it also most probably won’t be relevant outside of Japan.





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