Oh God, in game advertisements now?

Thankfully it’s not Nintendo that are deciding to put these blasted things in their future games, at least as far as I can tell, but if you ever need another really good reason never to support Sony and the Playstation ever again, here it is.  They’ve got a patent for… well, the most annoying type of in game ads ever:

A method for use in advertising includes initiating playing of interactive content, suspending playing go the interactive content, displaying an advertisement, and resuming playing of the interactive content.

Oh yes, basically, it’s like the halfway through a TV show commercials various television channels use.  Or how every time you get to about halfway through a Nostalgia Critic video, it pauses the stuff you actually came to watch and show as an annoying, pointless advert about something or another.

It also mentions (according to Games Industry.biz) that it:

could be initiated by a server signal to make sure all players see it simultaneously

So wait, multiplayer games with forced commercial breaks?  Oh what fun!  Can you imagine how absolutely thrilled everyone would be if midway through a Mario Kart 7 race or a Kid Icarus Uprising match the game called a commercial break and suddenly you ended up seeing an ad for Mario Party 10?  And I’m going to guess all players could mean anything between a whole match’s worth of players being interrupted or literally everyone playing online at the same time being rudely interrupted. Can you imagine how many people would want to literally kill the video game publishing company if their game stopped just so they could watch some stupid, completely irrelevant commercial?  Oh wait, it doesn’t even mention this has to be multiplayer games does it?

So we’re just about to fight Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy 3!

Oh wait, now for some car insurance ads!

You know what?  For now I’m kind of glad Sony’s the one with the patent on it, given how it means Nintendo and Microsoft probably won’t be paying them to implement the thing.  But if it ever turns out that games end up like TV shows with commercials at random points throughout gameplay, I am never playing a video game again.  Period.  Heck, if anyone here has a Playstation Vita and Sony tries to put commercials in the middle of your multiplayer games or anything, boycott them.  Ask for a refund for the game console and show them that no, players aren’t going to just shut up and deal with this stupid idea.

And for the video game websites out there that like covering these types of controversies, you really need to run a story about this new gimmick.




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I have a better example. It happens while playing Smash Bros.
Pit is flying outside the stadium . An ad interupts the game and says Red bull “gives you wings”


This website is pretty cool. How did you make it !


what a huge piece of $#!T i would FREAKING HATE GAMES IF THIS HAPPENS dont do it guys -_-