Oh, and another rip off of Mario 3D Land!

Did I mention it’s by the exact, same person?

But it gets worse than this. The same art style?  Check.  Objects and enemies blatantly stolen from the Mario series? Check. A Mario hat on the main character?  Hell yeah!

Here are some screenshots.  Can you spot all the things stolen from Mario 3D Land?

The main character is a stick figure wearing a Mario hat.  I don’t think you can get more blatant than this, can you?

Oh right, the Mario clone from the last game.

The same used blocks, green platforms and stuff returns, except this time it has Mario style vines too!

If that wasn’t enough, here’s him riding a Bullet Bill above some smiling clouds!  You can’t tell me this isn’t ripping off Mario, right?  That Bullet even has the same shape and eyes!

And hey, warp pipes, coins and even those block creatures from Super Mario 3D Land return!  It’s almost like a sick parody of the series, or a real polished fan game.  Oh wait, they’re trying to sell it.

Still, the name is original, being called Cloud Run and not ‘Something Land’.  Here’s the app store link:

What do you think of this second shameless rip off of Super Mario 3D Land?


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