Official Nintendo Wrapping Paper?

Well, it looks like Nintendo of Europe is sure getting into the festive spirit, they’ve now released official Christmas wrapping paper!  It comes with four styles, New Super Mario Bros 2 style with pictures of the items from the 3DS game, Professor Layton style with the game’s icon/logo on a sophisticated looking background, Pokemon/Pikachu style and a Style Savvy tie in version.  Here’s a preview of some of this wrapping paper:

Professor Layton wrapping paperNSMB2 wrapping


Guess it’s a nice idea for the Nintendo fan who wants even their presents to be wrapped in Nintendo themed wrapping paper, although I do have to wonder who’s going to want to go to the expense of printing it out themself.  Printing ink sure isn’t cheap these days!

Additionally, that’s not all the Christmas related stuff they have on Nintendo’s site.  They apparently have a ‘perfect cookie recipe’, Mario symbols for your window and Nintendo themed knitting patterns for jumpers.  You can download all this stuff from the links at the bottom of this page:

Guess it’s a very nice way to make the Christmas season even more special for Nintendo fans!


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