Official Breath of Fire Pushmo Puzzles!

Released on Capcom’s Capcom Unity site by community manager and Games Radar reporter Brelston, these give you some pretty neat puzzles for Pushmo based on sprites from the classic RPG series Breath of Fire!

So if you like Breath of Fire or Pushmo (or even better, both), scan the codes below and you can try out these puzzles on your 3DS.  Have fun!

Note: If they’re too blurry, click the image and try again.  If that fails, see the versions in the source link.

Originally from here:

Edit: According to the comments, the puzzles were actually made by a user called ‘NukaCola’, and merely posted by Brelston.


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10 years ago

Brelston only posted the puzzles, user NukaCola (yours truly) made them. And yes, the image here is too blurry. Go to the Capcom forum thread to get the full res, scannable versions!