Official Art for Pokemon X and Y Starter Evos Revealed!

From the same issue of Coro Coro that brought us Mega Tyranitar and Mega Aggron, we finally get the first ever official artwork of the three fully evolved gen 6 starters, all by usual artist Ken Sugimori.  Here are the pictures in question (albeit at the usual mediocre quality of a magazine scan):

greninja Delphox Chesnaught

As you can clearly see, they look quite a bit better now that we can see them outside the in game 3D models and by a familiar artist.  Indeed, the Delphox one in particular has actually won over quite a few people previously disappointed by its reveal in game.

So that’s the official art of these new Pokemon.  Do you think they look awesome?  What do you think?


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Hagan Leeds Richman
Hagan Leeds Richman
8 years ago

I love these evolutions!
grininja all the way!