Nintendo’s Releasing a Mario Level Editor Soon?

Take this with a massive grain of salt given that it’s a supposedly ‘leaked’ photo of a game Nintendo plans to unveil at this year’s E3, but still, there’s now reason to believe the company might be working on a level/game editing tool based on the Super Mario Bros series!  Here’s the picture:


As you can see, there’s a pretty clear sign saying ‘Mario Maker’ with a bunch of enemies in a Super Mario Bros 1 inspired area there.  Add a stylus hinting at the game being for the 3DS or Wii U, and you’ve got a pretty realistic looking sign for a possible future Nintendo game or app.

However, if you want to read my thoughts on this, as well as how likely the idea is… click the link below and keep reading.

Still here?  Okay, let’s start with the interesting things I’ve noticed in the picture.  You can see a Hammer Bro coming out of a pipe and stacked Goombas, yet they’re in a Super Mario Bros 1 inspired setting.  This hints at quite a few different things, but mainly that:

  1. This game could be primarily based on Super Mario Bros 1
  2. That it allows for mechanics and enemies not found in the original game.

The first point would be a disappointment if true.  Why?  Because practically speaking, Super Mario Bros 1 isn’t the Mario game most people would like to be designing levels for.  No, that honour goes to Super Mario Bros 3 or Super Mario World, simply because they offer more interesting level design possibilities and more advanced game mechanics/physics.  Making it Mario 1 only would severely limit the editor’s appeal.

Above: There’s a reason Brutal Mario was a mod of Super Mario World and not Super Mario Bros 1.

The other interesting thing you can see are the new elements and lack of limitations.  This hints that if it’s real, the editor is being made with new things added in order to appeal to people who aren’t purely hardcore Mario 1/Mario whatever fans.  Kind of makes it more like Super Mario 63 or Super Mario Bros X than Lunar Magic.

As for whether it’s real… that’s anyone’s guess to be honest.  On the one hand, this would be pretty easy to fake with a few minutes in Photoshop or a similar tool.  On the other?  A Mario level editor does seem like a concept Nintendo might be considering at this point in time.  After all, there were always a lot of requests for this sort of thing, and I’m sure they want to give people some sort of official alternative to Mario ROM hacks, Super Mario Bros X and fan games, if only to get back some of the people on Mario Fan Games Galaxy and SMW Central.  Maybe this year really is the time for this sort of thing to get announced.

Either way, it’s an interesting little rumour, and I will say that if it does turn out to be real, I am buying it on day 1 just because of my love for Mario level editors and stuff.   It’ll never replace Lunar Magic or Super Mario Bros X for my more interesting works, but hey, I guess it’s worth a shot.


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