Nintendo Updates Youtube app to block TubeHax

Hacked your 3DS via TubeHax?  Running various homebrew apps and region free on the console due to the exploit?

If so, you’d better wait before updating.  This is because the YouTube app has recently been updated to block the exploit, and the app pretty much auto updates if you connect to the internet through it.  So basically, avoid running the YouTube app for the foreseeable future, and consider using a different trick to run homebrew on the 3DS.  You can find a useful tutorial for Browserhax (an alternative that hasn’t been blocked by any firmware updates as of this point) below:

Above: Tutorial by The4thGenGamer

Either way, just a quick PSA for any 3DS owners that modded their 3DS like this.  Find an alternative exploit, since the old TubeHax one doesn’t work any more.


New Update Available for YouTube App – Reddit


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