Nintendo Still Considering 3DS and Wii U Connectivity

So why isn’t it a confirmed feature yet?  Well here’s what Shigeru Miyamoto says:

Of course we are thinking of the possibility of connecting Wii U and Nintendo 3DS once again. But we have challenged connectivity on many occasions, and one of the great lessons we have learned is the simple fact that those who own both are much fewer than those who don’t own both.

That’s the key part of the quote as well as the reason it’s only a consideration right there.  There are far fewer people who own both a 3DS and Wii U than who own one or the other.

If you ever need more proof of that, think to yourself when you last saw anyone get to play a full four player session of Four Swords Adventures or Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on the Gamecube.  Or Tetra’s Trackers if you’re in Japan.

Answer?  Pretty much never.  It’s just too limiting to require people to own two games consoles and use them in tandem with each other, and becomes near impossible to make use of in a multiplayer context. This is pretty much in a nut shell while the Wii U will probably succeed and the Playstation 3 + Vita connectivity will fall flat on its face.

So what we decided early on when considering the Wii U design was that we had to make it so that every single purchaser of the Wii U is going to have the same play conditions, the same equipment.

Because as anyone who’s seen past systems and games knows, it’s a much more difficult proposition to sell games that require something not included in the box.  Need a good example of this?  Well how many Wii games are there?  Hundreds?

Now how many Wii MotionPlus using games?  Far, far less.  Because it severely limits your chances of success to make a game that requires an add on you need to buy seperately.  That’s why Nintendo is including a Game Pad with every Wii U, so games can confidently make use of its features.

Even between Wii and 3DS, there are some things that can be done by connecting with each other – Mii channel is interchangeable on both systems. There are things that can easily done by transferring data between Wii and DS or 3DS systems.

We knew about this already, but it’s nice to know anyway.

If we are going to do that with Wii U and 3DS, there would be three screens to consider. The reason why we were not so eager to do a similar thing between Wii and DS if that it would have become very complicated using two screens on the DS and one screen on the Wii. But of course we are trying to think about a way to expand the experience of 3DS and Wii U when they are connected with each other, one way or the other.

And here’s the final reason why connectivity between the Wii U and 3DS is only something potentially under consideration, because a game involving two screens on one console,a  third on a Game Pad as well as the TV as another screen would be extremely complicated to figure out and play.  There’s a reason people have trouble with games like Yoshi’s Island DS with its dual screen gameplay, and that’s only a DS game with zero home console connectivity.

Really, while Nintendo are definitely still considering Wii U and 3DS connectivity, it seems unlikely they’ll definitely make use of it simply because the potential audience is too small and the whole system too unwieldy to be practical.



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