Nintendo Reveals Best Selling 3DS and Wii U Games…

Surprisingly though, while Pokemon X and Y and Mario Kart 7 are obviously represented really well on the list (the former has already sold about 12 million copies worldwide), some of the other games that have been flying off shelves recently are quite surprising.

Like how Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon has nearly sold an impressive 4 million copies.  How Tomodachi Life has sold around 2 million copies.  Or how Mario & Luigi Dream Team has moved a respectable 2 million units worldwide.  So if you want to see the full list for yourself, keep reading!

Here’s the chart:

[table id=33 /]

Pokemon Y Box Art EuropeLuigis Mansion 2 European Box Art

Above: Some million selling 3DS titles!

If you want to know what the figures are in millions, add 4 zeros to the end of the figures.

Either way, it’s pretty impressive isn’t it?  I mean, to see some more obscure games break even the million mark is mighty impressive, so to see pretty much all the 3DS big games do so well is incredible. Especially Luigi’s Mansion, which until now, was always seen as a more obscure title rather than a game with mainstream appeal.

But what do you think about these great sales?



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