Nintendo releases official Luigi’s Mansion 2 Valentine’s Cards?

Is this a good thing, or creepy as hell?  Either way, Nintendo have officially uploaded some Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon themed Valentine’s Day cards on their Facebook page, for those few Nintendo fans who think pictures of Boos and other Mario undead.

You can get these cards here:

and a sample card from the set is shown below:

card1 card2

Above: The jokes are as bad as they get.  We have good chemistry?  Groan.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to think about this whole idea.  On the one hand, it’s nice to see Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is technically getting some merchandise, even if it’s of the ‘batshit insane’ kind.  On the other hand, I’d probably be freaked out for the rest of the day if I ended up getting a Valentine’s Day card featuring ghosts and Luigi’s Mansion 2 on it.

If there’s a video game franchise anywhere which would be perfect for Valentine’s Day cards, I suspect Luigi’s Mansion isn’t it. Something like Mario in general with Mario and Peach?  Maybe.  Animal Crossing?  I guess.  But a Luigi’s Mansion themed card just feels strange.

What do you think of this whole idea?  Is it a good idea to have official Valentine’s Day cards representing Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?  And if someone sent you one of these, what would be your reaction?


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