Nintendo release ‘Year of Luigi’ timeline

In celebration of 2013 as the ‘Year of Luigi’, the 30th anniversary of the green wonder’s debut appearance in 1983 NES title Mario Bros, Nintendo have released an official timeline chronicling his adventures thus far.



Above is the timeline in its full glory. Can you name all the games?

In addition to March’s excellent Luigi’s Mansion 2 for 3DS, this year also sees the release of New Super Luigi U and Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. The spinach-coloured sibling (yes) will also be appearing in Mario Golf: World Tour and the as-of-yet unannounced Mario Kart U (working title). For all your Luigi needs, keep it 3DS Daily!

Source: DigitalSpy


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9 years ago

Named them all:

Mario Bros – 1983
Super Mario Bros – 1987
Super Mario Bros 2 – 1989
Super Mario Bros 3 – 1991
Super Mario World – 1992
Luigi’s Mansion – 2002
Super Mario 64 DS – 2005
New Super Mario Bros – 2006
Super Mario Galaxy – 2007
New Super Mario Bros Wii – 2009
Super Mario 3D Land – 2011
New Super Mario Bros 2 – 2012
New Super Mario Bros U – 2012
Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon – 2013

Should have Mario is Missing though. First playable role and Weegee!