Nintendo Registers New Trademarks in Japan; Something Called Nintendo Web Framework Teased?

They’ve just recently gone and registered some new Japanese trademarks, and it seems like an unknown entity called ‘Nintendo Web Framework’ is among them.  Here’s the full list of recent Nintendo trademarks in Japan, as well as what I predict they’re probably going to be used for:

  • U
  • Tomodachi Collection: New Life
  • Nymphia
  • Mario & Luigi Dream Adventure
  • Mario and Donkey Kong Minis on the Move
  • Splash or Crash
  • Pokemon Scramble
  • Nintendo Web Framework

So what are they going to be?  Well U seems obvious enough, likely a new Wii U title of some sort.  Then again, maybe it’s just protection from trolls and meant to stop some random idiot registering it and then claiming Nintendo’s Wii U name infringes their trademark?

Tomodachi Collection: New Life is just the name of the 3DS sequel to Tomodachi Collection, a new life simulation game where the player uses Miis to interact with each other.

Nymphia could mean just about anything, although I don’t think any of the results for this term in Google have any relation to Nintendo’s possible concept.

Mario and Luigi Dream Adventure is just the Japanese name for Mario and Luigi Dream Team, while Mario and Donkey Kong Minis on the Move is exactly what it says on the tin, the Japanese (and worldwide) name of the new Mario and Donkey Kong game being released with this exact title.

Splash or Crash is just the Japanese name for Fluidity/Hydroventure as far as I can tell.

Pokemon Scramble was just registered in anticipation of the Wii U sequel, it’s the Japanese franchise name for Pokemon Rumble.

But the real mystery is definitely Nintendo Web Framework.  Could it be Nintendo’s new name for Miiverse and their other online services?  Perhaps it’s meant to hint at cross console online services, like the rumoured update that will add Miiverse and other such functionality to the 3DS.  Or more excitingly, could this be something akin to an open API for Nintendo Network?  Maybe it’s like Twitter or Facebooks developer API and lets third parties tie in services, websites and other things with Nintendo Network and let’s people register using their Nintendo Network ID. That could be really interesting for some time in the future, allowing future developers to make non Wii U/3DS games that somehow tie in to Nintendo’s online services and auto post on Miiverse.  Or somehow extract data like posts, users, etc and use them for things like forums and social networks.  Maybe even something like Google Groups for Miiverse, which lets non 3DS/Wii U owners post on it via a web browser forum style interface?

Either way, it gets even more exciting.  Apparently, Nintendo of America’s Ryan Lynd will be talking about it at the Game Developer’s Conference tomorrow, so perhaps this whole framework thing will be more revolutionary than we think.

What do you think Nintendo Web Framework will be given that it’s important enough to be discussed at GDC?  Could Nintendo really be working on a developer API for Miiverse/Nintendo Network?


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Nymphia is the Japanese name of Sylveon (the new Eeveelution from Pokémon X and Y).