Nintendo Power being shut down?

In another sad day for Nintendo and one eerily remniscient of the last days of Nsider back a few years ago, it turns out Nintendo Power is shutting its doors for good soon.

Supposedly, Nintendo have said they won’t be renewing their contract with Future Publishing to distribute Nintendo Power any more, and that the latter have been telling their current Nintendo Power writers and staff that they’re being moved on to different magazines or presumably made redundant.

More evidence of the incoming closure of the magazine comes from Twitter, where staff members have been talking about the final issues and promising something special for the magazine’s last days.  Senior editor Chris Hoffman said he was ‘sad to see it go’ and writer Phil Theobald said they had something sweet planned for the final issue.

Now admittedly, it’s not 100% certain that closure just means the magazine will vanish off the face of the Earth never to return.  Supposedly rumours are going around that the magazine could continue in digital format as a website kind of like Gamespot or IGN.  Unfortunately this hasn’t generally proved to be a successful route for magazines to go down, since most other examples bar Cracked have died a fairly quick death as a result.  So even with the ‘best case scenario’, it looks like the writing is on the wall for Nintendo Power.

Either way, it’s a bad day for Nintendo fans.  Sure, we don’t yet know whether the UK or Australian magazines might suffer the same fate (hopefully not), but Nintendo Power has been running ever since 1988, so to see a magazine with that much history just end publication this year is kind of depressing.  Especially as it pretty much takes away Nintendo’s last means of support from the magazine world in North America, with most competitors being multi format and often kind of harsh on Nintendo games.

What do you think of Nintendo Power’s closure?  Did you ever read the magazine and have fond memories of their coverage back in the NES and SNES days?  Heck, is anyone who’s a member of this site still subscribed to them?



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