Nintendo of Europe Reveals 2013 Game Schedule

It’s in German, but I’m pretty sure most people can still understand what it all means.   Here’s the table/chart showing all the release dates and months for upcoming 3DS and Wii U titles:

Click to see the full size image with readable text, I’ve had to use a smaller picture in this blog post simply to keep the page loading size down to a reasonable degree.  But what new information does this chart give us?  Here’s some stuff I spotted:

Rayman Legends will be out on the 28th February 2013

Super Mario Bros the Lost Levels will be on 3DS eShop from the 27th December 2012

Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be released in March 2013

And Animal Crossing New Leaf will be out in the second quarter of next year.  Pretty long time since the Japanese release, but I guess that’s how long localising such a text heavy game into about ten languages takes.

Well, there you have it, Nintendo of Europe’s full 3DS and Wii U release schedule up until about midway through next year.  Do you think the release dates seem reasonable?


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