Nintendo of America Declares StreetPass Weekend is Coming

According to a video on Youtube anyway, where they announce it as happening between December 14th and December 15th at a ‘Nintendo Zone near you’.  Here’s the official video announcement:

How it works is quite simple.  Basically, if you go past a Nintendo Zone, the data you send and receive isn’t only relayed via others who used said hotspot, but those who used any Nintendo Zone across the entire country.  So in other words, you receive StreetPasses from people who visited Nintendo Zone hotspots other than the one you used, and send your own data to random people in other areas as well.

But while this is all well and good, part of me wants to know the following…

1. Why isn’t this the case all year round?

Because we know that StreetPass as its currently used does not work.  And while the Nintendo Zones do fix this to a degree, they don’t actually help as much as Nintendo likely hopes they would.  Why?  Because you’re still dependant on the area you’re living in having a bunch of 3DS owners wandering around.

The solution used for this event would fix this.  Make Nintendo Zone things send data to/receive data from others, and people living in areas with a hotspot but without a lot of 3DS owners could receive data from those in areas more favourable to Nintendo.  Everyone wins!


2. Why is this an American thing?

The USA isn’t the only region of the world in which StreetPass is fairly useless, the same is the case in most of Europe, pretty much all of South America, much of Africa, much of Australia, most of the Middle East and quite a few Asian countries as well.

So why not have the Nintendo Zones in those countries work the same way?  That’d help a lot in making the system more practical there too.

Heck, why not go further?

Make every Nintendo Zone hotspot worldwide share data with every other hotspot.  That way, everyone could get data from everyone, regardless of how popular the 3DS or StreetPass is in their particular region.  In an instant, the whole system could actually be made semi practical, assuming Nintendo bothers to add more of these zone things in different regions.

So all in all, it’s a good idea.  It just needs to be expanded to other regions and made to be how Nintendo Zones/StreetPass Relays usually work all year around.


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Michael Ocampo
Michael Ocampo
8 years ago

That’s really cool and I like your ideas of having it all year round but… It’d also be cool for Streetpass day to actually have lots of 3ds owners gather ’round in an event.

8 years ago

Great article, I am a little disappointed that it’s not coming to the UK as i’m sure you are two, but having it all year round? It won’t be a special event and not many people would be excited over it.

8 years ago
Reply to  CM30

I can see your point there, but I live on The Isle of Wight, down south and although it’s an island, I get most of my “Hits” through Nintendo Zone’s. I would only be concerned with the amount of Streetpass coming through as 6 is enough to give you enough game play for a good week, but some games might be overdone with the amount of data coming through.