Nintendo not Doing well in UK, Wii U sells less games than Vita

Nintendo’s UK troubles aren’t exactly getting better with this news, since not only has the Wii U apparently completely failed to catch on in the region (with not one game selling in the top 40 sales charts), but not apparently less Wii U software is selling over there than Playstation Vita software.  Here’s the list of consoles by software sales as reported by My Nintendo News:

  • Xbox 360: 810K
  • PlayStation 3: 545K
  • PC: 228K
  • Wii: 182K
  • Nintendo DS: 139K
  • Nintendo 3DS: 112K
  • PlayStation Vita: 46K
  • Wii U: 34K
  • PSP: 13K
  • PlayStation 2: 2K

Ouch.  The Wii U sure is taking a hammering, with the console not even managing to sell over 100 000 games across the entire system (including the pack in Nintendo Land).  And while the 3DS is doing quite a bit better, it too isn’t catching on quite as much as the DS and Wii did and is still apparently selling less software than both the Wii and its DS predecessor.

So what’s the cause of this?  Why is Nintendo doing so absolutely terrible in the UK compared to other companies when its systems are selling so well in the rest of the world?  Maybe it’s something to do with the fact the NES/SNES/Nintendo 64/Gamecube didn’t catch on at all in the region due to no video game crash or Nintendo dominance over the market?  Or maybe it’s just that the Wii U isn’t appealing to the far more casual game obsessed UK market.

Either way, Nintendo needs to think fast here.  Come up with some better marketing plan, get some games out quickly and try and get the Wii U to sell in the region before it literally gets outsold by systems one or two generations older than it.


Wii U Software doing worse than Playstation Vita Software in UK – My Nintendo News