Nintendo Launching Youtube Affiliate Program

Just a year or so ago they were content IDing videos, but now Nintendo’s seemingly had a bit of a change of heart, with them saying that they’re working on  a revenue sharing scheme for videos of their games.  Apparently they’ve already been ‘permitting’ footage of their games in Youtube videos under specific circumstances, and are now about to launch a full program where the revenue from the ads gets split among Nintendo, the video creator (and for some reason), Google.

However, it’s not good news.  Why?  Because according to the Japanese branch of Nintendo, this applies to ALL videos of their games on Youtube.  Which means that apparently, merely posting LPs of their games on Youtube will require sharing the ad revenue with Nintendo.  It’s not gone down too well on industry websites…

So if you want to read the full statement (in Japanese and my badly translated English), head inside and keep reading!

Let’s start with the Tweets.  Here they are:

Which in English, comes out to:

Than before, with the exception of the inappropriate, Nintendo [Notice] YouTube video has been officially licensed images, including the work of Nintendo on YouTube. Sometimes ads get the video you have permission, like traditional policy, the ad revenue will be distributed by Nintendo and Google. (1/2)

[Notice] YouTube video on it, towards those who wish to use the Nintendo work more aggressive, it has several affiliate programs that receive a portion of the advertising revenue. For more information about the affiliate program, we will follow-up at a later date. Much for your understanding, thank you. (2/2)

All in all, a rather questionable decision if I say so myself. Ah well, I don’t use Youtube’s monetisation personally, and I honestly recommend others do the same. That way, not only will you not fall under these terms, but you can use the videos to send traffic off to your own site, where the revenue is presumably split much better.

But what do you think? Is this going to affect a lot of Nintendo related videos on Youtube? And what will the effect be on LPs of Nintendo games (as far as number uploaded goes)?



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