Nintendo Direct; The Trailers for Fire Emblem, the Rolling Western and More

Recorded directly from the Nintendo Direct live stream, here are some videos of various important games.  First up, the trailer for Fire Emblem Awakening:

Next, we’ve got one for The Rolling Western:

As well as another one for Mario Tennis Open.  Note that these may have Iwata himself speaking in the background, that’s unavoidable due to where I got the videos.

There’s also one for Etrian Oddysey IV.  It’s the first footage we’ve ever gotten of the game as far as I know, and why it’s not the best first trailer in the world, it should be interesting regardless.

Culdcept is another game which got a new trailer, and while it’s not exactly a game I’m interested in (seems to be about battling with cards in a sort of virtual tabletop game type set up), the trailer looks okay:

As well as a new trailer for Rune Factory 4.  Nice trailer, although the music is obnoxiously loud and completely non understandable to anyone who can’t speak Japanese:

On another note, while it’s not from Nintendo Direct, there’s also this second Rolling Western trailer someone on Youtube has uploaded.  Looks nice:

There are also some nifty release dates:

  • The Rolling Western: Today, aka February 22nd, right after Nintendo Direct
  • Game Gear games on 3DS Virtual Console: March
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sometime on 2012
  • Mario Tennis: 25th May 2012
  • Fire Emblem Awakening: 2012
  • Kid Icarus Uprising: March 23rd 2012

Those are the known European release dates for the 3DS games shown.  Any not mention haven’t got a confirmed release date yet.

Oh, and Nintendo of America’s presentation?  That can be found below, and formally announces Xenoblade’s US release:

What do you think?  I’ll edit this when the Kid Icarus Uprising video is uploaded.

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