Nintendo Direct; Live Blog!

It’s a bit late now, but hey, I’ll be covering the news as it comes. Watch the US and Japanese directs above, and keep reading for my thoughts on all of it!

Update: Liveblog not working, posting here:

Majora’s Mask 3D officially announced!

Codename Steam announced, with Abraham Lincoln! A strategy game by the Fire Emblem developers!

Wait, the Lion from the Oz series is playable? Huh?

It’s headed to shelves on Spring 2015!

NES Remix series now. Presumably about the 3DS game. Meh.

It does have ‘Speed Mario Bros’ though, a SMB 1 ‘remake’ with everything sped up. Which can already be played for free, it’s called an emulator and permanent fast forward!

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is next. Obvious.

Has 70+ stages, with new trailer! It looks decent enough, but… why? Why does this game exist, when it’s basically a concept that only Nintendo themselves actually like? It’s the kind of ultra niche game that to be honest, isn’t too great. Coming December 5th though.

Stuff about Amiibo now. Pretty cool, although extremely predictable due to Nintendo’s previous announcements.

Mario Kart 8 Amiibo trailer!

F-Zero and Zelda tracks look amazing!

Wait, the coins are rupees in Zelda tracks? Awesome! Coming at a nice price of just 8 dollars per DLC pack!

So the Amiibo function just gives you Mii costumes. Lame!

More of that Kirby Rainbow game from E3. It looks cool enough, but not the most interesting game in the world. Not to me anyway.

It does have Amiibo and multiplayer co-op, which is nice.

Hyrule Warriors lets you unlock the spinner as a weapon with Amiibo. You apparently get different stuff for scanning Amiibos of every Smash Bros character!

Oh look, Duck Hunt Duo trailer. Great character, but… the surprise is long gone.

Duck Hunt Duo Takes Aim? Nice slogan!

Duck Hunt coming to Wii U Virtual Console. Pretty cool, although I’m interested to see if you can actually use the Zapper with Smash Bros for Wii U like in the trailer.

Indie games now. Neat, but… I’ll pass.

Commander Video trophy in Smash Bros for Wii U. That’s pretty neat.

Miyamoto is up next!

Miyamoto’s animated films available now. Based on Pikmin. They’ll be on the eShop soon.

Called Pikmin Short Movies.

Pikmin 3 Demo also coming to the eShop.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is next.

It’ll be coming 2015.

Splatoon is next. New trailer!

It looks pretty cool, although I still have no real idea what the game is like as far as story or main setup goes. Anyone?

So yeah, that ends another Nintendo Direct. It was a fun watch, but there wasn’t really anything too unexpected shown today. Like say, a new Wario game.


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