Nintendo Confirms Ultra Beasts can be Caught

Ever since Ultra Beasts were first announced for Pokemon Sun and Moon, people have debated whether they can be caught. Some said their descriptions and designs were too Pokemon like not to be catchable. That their descriptions sounded like Pokedex entries. And that their roles in the game seem to mirror those of normal legendaries.

So these people thought yes, they were catchable.

Others on the other hand were skeptical. They stated that they didn’t like Pokemon. Or were fusions of Pokemon and humans, and hence not catchable.

And so these guys thought they’d act as typical JRPG bosses. Like say, the Bittercold in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or Dark Rust in Pokemon Rumble.

Well, it turns out the first group was right. Why? Because Nintendo has confirmed to Polygon that yes, Ultra Beasts will be catchable in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Now admittedly, this wasn’t exactly a huge leap to make even before the confirmation. After all, the recent demo leaks show shiny forms for all eight Ultra Beasts, as well as what seem to be Pokedex pictures. It also seems like they’re listed just before Lunaala in the Pokemon data, something which would be unlikely if they weren’t counted as actual Pokemon.

ultra beasts

But hey, it’s nice to have official confirmation here. Means we can start planning which Ultra Beast to include in our Pokemon teams!


Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Ultra Beasts are Yours for the Taking


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