Nintendo Characters are in Scribblenauts Unlimited!

Seems like people’s suspicions of who the characters that were supposed to be revealed in game were right, an official PR e-mail has confirmed that Nintendo characters such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Link and Zelda can be summoned in the game!

Here’s the official character reveal picture showing them all:

With this game now featuring Nintendo characters and Tekken having a whole bunch of Nintendo character costumes and themed modes, it seems like the Wii U line up’s going to be jam packed with Nintendo cameos and references.

However, there is a minor catch…

You can’t apply adjectives to the Nintendo characters.  Like ask for a zombie or vampire Mario or something.

To be perfectly honest, why?  It’s like this kind of stuff isn’t routine in Nintendo series, Smash Bros alone let you do all kinds of things to everyone included and Mario had enough suits and transformations to last a lifetime.  What’s the harm in pirate zombie ninja robot Mario?

Still, enjoy the characters, they do seem like they’ll open up quite a few interesting possibilities.  Maybe you can have Mario fight things from real life and fiction by summoning him alongside them, or get him to hold a machine gun like the guy on Twitter joked about?