Nintendo at E3 2014; My Wishlist!

It’s a bit late now (given that E3 is less than a month away and half the internet seems to have already posted everything they want to see at E3 this year), but hey, I thought people might be interested in knowing what I want regardless.  So here it is.  Here is my E3 2014 wishlist, focusing entirely on Nintendo games and systems!

1. New Legend of Zelda game… which appeals to the mass market

I think you can probably guess what this game would be like. Think Twilight Princess and its debut trailer:

Remember how much hype that caused back in the day?  How many people were basically like ‘I’m so sold on the Wii now this game’s coming out for it’?  Just listen to the crowd’s reactions to the above trailer being shown at E3 2004:

You had standing ovations, people shouting ‘Oh my god’ wildly at the top of the voice, the internet (or what there was of it) exploding in a firestorm of hype for the game.  And do you know why?  Because it was, in one video, what Western gamers wanted from a new Zelda game.  A realistic, medieval fantasy title where Link fights off dangerous looking monsters with a sword in a style ever so slightly remniscient of Lord of the Rings. A sequel to Ocarina of Time with all the things people claim to have wanted in the original game.

Nothing since then had the same reaction from the fans and media.  Remember the Skyward Sword announcement?  Yeah.  It didn’t exactly inspire the same sort of hype:

That’s nothing against the game, but frankly speaking, the odds were always stacked against it. The art style wasn’t bad, but just put off a lot of people who just wanted more dark and realistic looking Zelda games.  The music wasn’t bad, but the first trailer never showed the best songs, leaving the impressive Ballad of the Goddess song until the second trailer:

And the tone was just all wrong.  The trailer focused too much of the motion controls, the gimmicks and the somewhat ‘whimsy’ feel at the expense of the action and mood.  Both the trailers and games focusing too much on the Japanese wackyness and the gimmicks are things way too many recent Nintendo games have been getting wrong in recent years.  Just see Super Mario 3D World, which until the second trailer, fell hopelessly flat compared to the Galaxy games.  I think you can probably guess why:

Just compare the above to Galaxy’s:

Point is, Nintendo needs to show off another Twilight Princess style Zelda game.  One which pushes the HD visuals and tech of the Wii U to its limits and that really, really gets everyone excited for the new game.  I also think it’d help significantly if they did the following in terms of game design:

  • Had a more open world to explore, rather than a linear and restricted one
  • Placed more emphasis on combat, with aggressive, menacing looking enemies
  • Went for broke with super epic orchestrated music in the blockbuster high fantasy films sense
  • Didn’t focus on any motion control/touch screen control/other gimmicks and just went traditional with the gameplay

Basically, they need a Zelda game which can stand up to the likes of The Elder Scrolls and other modern fantasy titles, and that captures everyone’s interest within the first thirty seconds of the trailer.  That’s the first thing I want to see this year.

2. Metroid or Star Fox for Wii U

Not sure which, either will do.  Make them appeal mostly to Western audiences rather than Japanese ones, go the same realistic route with the graphics and generally, try and get these series to be big sellers again.

3. Wario Land 5

Yeah, you knew this was coming.  More importantly though, this game needs to be done right.

What do I mean by that?  Well, the Wario series basically needs a revival.  It needs the next game to be a massive, system selling deal that absolutely everyone knows about, instead of some lazy effort farmed out to a third party willing to make it on the cheap. Have Nintendo themselves make it (or heck, maybe even Retro Studios), have the game advertised the heck out of in all forms of media and this time, try and get it out there as a major brand.

As for content, I’m hoping for a traditional sequel in many senses.  Have all the transformations from the 3rd and 4th games (along with a few new ones to go with them), include about 8 or 9 large worlds worth of content complete with crazy bosses and wacky level themes:

And for the love of [whoever], come up with some great music.  I mean, you heard how cool Wario Land 2, 3, 4 and Shake It’s soundtracks were, right?

I want to see Wario become a major franchise again.  I want to see a new platformer that breaks video game sales records and gets more people interested in the series.  And I think E3 2014 will be the perfect place to announce such a game.

 4. A new, ground breaking Super Smash Bros 4 trailer

Ideally with as many newcomers, new stages, new mechanics, etc as Nintendo can fit in about ten minutes.  Something like the one we got for Smash Bros Brawl:

Because up to now, we’ve never really got that.  Oh sure, Mega Man’s trailer was great.  Little Mac’s trailer was great.  Heck, even the ones for Rosalina and Greninja were decent.  But they were showed in only a very small amount of footage months apart.  And most of the announcements?  Kind of boring things like ‘smoke comes off damaged fighters’ or ‘this is what an unused assist trophy looks like’.

It’s why less people seem hyped up about this game than they were Brawl, because of the most of the announcements and trailers just weren’t that interesting.  What I want to see is a bona fide, epic trailer for Smash Bros 4.  Lots of newcomers, lot of new stages, extremely high quality orchestrated music, tons of assist trophies, maybe a single player adventure mode… stuff that makes me think ‘I want to buy this game right now, no exceptions’.

So that’s my E3 wishlist.  Do you agree with it? Think the stuff I posted would be interesting to see at E3 2014?


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7 years ago

For smash bros on June 11 they will be talking about the game for an hour and a half from 7:00 to 8:30pm