Nintendo announces what glitches are being fixed in Mario Kart 7

Yeah, there’s a notice here about it:

Apparently Wuhu Mountain Loop, Wuhu Island Loop and Bowser Castle 1 are being fixed and the shortcuts patched out of them.  Glad to see they’ve realised more than just Maka Wuhu have game breaking bugs, don’t you agree?

So to recap, these three will be fixed:

However, there’s still a minor issue, namely that these two won’t be fixed (the shortcuts in Koopa Cape and DK Jungle):

Now DK Jungle’s glitch I see basically being useless online given how it’s right near the end of the track, but I do fear that if someone can consistently pull off the Koopa Cape one, it could easily be the next major exploit.  That’d be terrible really, considering how ridiculously imprecise and how annoyingly hard the glitch is to get working.

Also interestingly, it says in online multiplayer these glitches will be eliminated, not offline.  So presumably you can still use them in time trials or gp mode, just not against other players?

Still, it’s better than I thought it’d be, since Nintendo is at least removing three major glitches rather than just the most well known one.  This way we at least won’t end up with Wuhu Island Loop or Bowser Castle 1 spammed online in place on Wuhu Mountain Loop, right?

Congrats to Nintendo on fixing these glitches and seemingly not doing a half assed job of it.


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