Nintendo announces Pokemon X and Y Versions!

Yes, you heard that right, Nintendo have actually announced generation 6 of the Pokemon franchise for 3DS, and it’ll be released in all regions in October 2013!

Here’s the Nintendo Direct video if you missed it:

But that’s not all.  No, it’s not a very traditional Pokemon game this time around, it’s actually in full 3D for the most part and seems to feature a lot of areas where the camera is behind your trainer in a view similar to that in the 3D Zelda and Mario games!  This makes it the biggest graphical leap the series has had in years, with everything seeming far more modern and ‘3D’ than ever before!

The new starter Pokemon in this title are as follows:




They’re Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie, and their final names in all regions are included in the picture above. Out of those, I’d say the fire starter looks the coolest, but that’s been the case in a lot of generations in my view.

The setting is still unknown, although I have a fairly good idea that it’s   not Japan.  No, this picture makes me think it might even be based on France:

Fancy Building Francepokemon


The second place looks like it has the Eiffel Tower in the background and the first one looks like a traditional big fancy house, like the kind of palace you’d expect to see in France.  Maybe the Pokemon version of the Palace of Versailles?

As for the new legendary Pokemon, we don’t know too much about them yet.  However, we have a few pics from the trailer:

legendary bird


Legendary land creature


As you can see, one of them’s a legendary bird type monster, the other’s a deer like creature. Is this part of the theme this time around?  Didn’t Ruby and Sapphire already do the land vs air gimmick?  Or there something else as the theme that these two monsters share?

Pokemon X and Y versions will be out in all regions in October 2013 and be exclusively on the 3DS.