Nintendo announces Paper Mario Sticker Star Diorama Contest Winners

Remember that old contest where you told to make dioramas based on Paper Mario Sticker Star and send photos in to Nintendo for the chance to win 3DS games and stuff?  Well Nintendo have now announced the winners of the contest, and you can see some of the fantastic dioramas submitted at the link below.  Here’s a sample to show how good the quality of these fan works is:

As you can see, they’ve even managed to put in things like the action commands and items to replicate a Paper Mario battle scene in paper form!  It looks very impressive if you ask me.

Here’s the other winners from Nintendo’s gallery:

What do you think of them?  Did the best entrants win?  I think they probably did, although I’m a little disappointed no one tried to mix in elements from other Mario games.  I was almost expecting someone to throw in Dimentio or Count Bleck and see what Nintendo’s reaction would be.

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