Nintendo 3DS Daily Reader Questions; Minecraft on 3DS?

Well, in a surprisingly e-mail I never expected to get, a regular reader of Nintendo 3DS Daily sent in a question about a certain game and whether it’d come to the console.  And since it’s the first 3DS game related question in a while, I thought it might help some more people if I actually answered it on the site.

Here’s the question I was sent:

is minecraft going to be on 3ds or wiiu?

And the answer to this is, at least as far as I know, that Minecraft hasn’t been announced for release on either console.  Might this change in future?  Maybe, but at the present point in time Minecraft is only going to be available on the PC, iOS, Android and Xbox 360, with no presence on any Nintendo or Sony made console or device.

Hope this answers some people’s questions, and if you have any more questions about the 3DS or its games, feel free to either send them to me via the contact form or via a PM on Nintendo 3DS Community.


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7 years ago

I would have to say….The Wii-U. Although the 3DS Offers great abilities, It’s graphics don’t help and The rendering would be terrible. The Wii-U Has a great rendering system and can display beautiful graphics. So That is why I choose Wii-U.