Nintendo 3DS 2013 Games Line up Leaked?

Apparently by a Spanish presentation that showed a slide with names of upcoming 3DS games at the end, including some not officially announced for a worldwide release.  Here’s the slide in question:

As you can see Bravely Default and Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney are listed as being released in that year, along with quite a few Japan only titles.

However, it’s still just a rumour.  And while it’s a plausible enough one (all the games shown are from well known series that would probably sell okay outside of Japan, and many have already been confirmed for a worldwide release), it’s also not exactly the hardest thing to fake, since anyone with an image editor could mock up a picture identical to the above.

But yes, looks like a potentially accurate 2013 3DS game line up.  And hey, Project X Zone is listed!


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