Nicalis To Fans; Do You Want Gero Blaster on Nintendo 3DS?

It’s another game by the maker of Cave Story, and Nicalis have revealed they’ve already got it running on the system, so they’ve asked fans on Twitter whether they’d want to see the game made available for the system.

Above: A trailer for Gero Blaster.

Above: Their Tweet asking whether to release it on 3DS and Playstation Vita.

My answer to this? Yes, it should definitely be made available on the 3DS. Seriously, every system in history needs more good games, they’re kind of what people buy consoles for to begin with. So while this game wouldn’t arguably be a massive system seller, who knows, it could persuade a few fence sitters to actually buy a 3DS.

So if Nicalis are reading this, yes, definitely release the game on the 3DS. After all, we always need more great 3DS games and if even a small percentage of the people who’d buy it on iPhone were to buy it on the 3DS, it’d be a definite win for everyone.



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