Next Level Games would love to work on a Mario or Zelda title!

With two beloved Nintendo series revivals under their belt in the form of Punch Out and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Next Level Games has worked on quite a few brilliant titles for their systems.  But according to this interview, the two series they’d really love to work on are far larger and more well-known:

Mario and The Legend of Zelda

Yep, they’d love to work on the next Mario or Zelda title, as mentioned in a recent interview with Nintendo Life.  Here’s what they say about the matter:

Really, we are grateful to work on any Nintendo IP but if there are any wish-granting entities listening out there, we would love a chance to work on a Zelda or Mario game!

Personally, I think the studio could do a pretty good job with a new Zelda game to be honest.  After all, quite a lot of Treacherous Mansion in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon heavily reminded me of a Zelda dungeon, and that Tough Possessor/Knightmare boss seems like something that’s just made for a Zelda title:

A Mario game?  Maybe not so much, they haven’t shown much experience with platformers.  Still, I guess it could be interesting to see them take a shot at it.

So yeah, Next Level Games want to work on a Mario or Zelda title.  Should Nintendo let them?  Would you want to see a Mario or Legend of Zelda title from the makers of Punch Out and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?



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