Next Level Games Working on Secret Project?

They may only have just finished Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon (a game which is being released within the coming week or so), but it seems like Next Level Games aren’t done quite yet.  No, they’re apparently working on a brand new, top secret project.  Here’s a picture of an employee’s status on another website confirming it:

Next Level Games Project


So, I wonder what this top secret game will turn out to be?  Will it be a 3DS title or a Wii U title?  Maybe it’s another long dormant series like F-Zero, Star Fox or even maybe Mach Rider that’s getting a surprise revival?  After all, with a history of bringing back long since abandoned series (Excitebike, Punch Out, Luigi’s Mansion), it seems like that could be the company’s forte.

Heck, maybe it could be another Luigi’s Mansion project, who knows.

What do you think Next Level Games is working on?



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