New Taiko Drum Master Game Teased; Other News

Yes it’s some more news, screenshots and trailers of new 3DS games.  But since I don’t class any of these as major enough to devote a whole news post to, I’ll post them all here.  First things first, the new Taiko Drum Master game.

Namco Bandai has opened a teaser site for a mystery new game (found at  Given how it’s appeared on so many different platforms in the past, it seems fairly plausible to assume a new 3DS installment is coming.  Good news for rhythm game fans.

Next up we have the latest 3DS download games.  Most of them are the first Game Gear games and look pretty good, and Mega Man 5 can’t be too bad either.  However, the only game on DSiWare (people still make games for that?) looks like a dull ‘casual’ game you could probably define as shovelware.  Here’s a video:

There’s also some Code of Princess footage and trailers:

A new trailer for Fire Emblem Awakening I should have posted about two days ago but forgot to write about:

And finally, the interesting news that Unchained Blades or whatever it’s called is coming out as a download game on the 3DS and I think PSP.  In both cases it’s download only, so it’s the first ever case of a full retail game being released as a download one.  Possible precedent for future games?  Possible we’ll get full length games meant for only a niche audience on the eShop only in future?  Who knows.

Still, that’s the latest Nintendo 3DS related news.


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