New Super Mario Bros 2; New Artwork and Screens, including Boohemoth!

Yes, Nintendo has made some official art of the new Bigger Boo type enemy from New Super Mario Bros 2, Boohemoth, as well as uploaded some new screenshots of the game online somewhere.  There isn’t much that’s seen as new yet, but here’s what seems to be recently added:

Here’s some artwork showing Boohemoth in all his glory!  Dear God, that face just gets creepier and creepier!

Also, random note.  Boohemoth supposedly can’t be ‘stunned’ like normal Boos by staring at him and will eventually give chase anyway.  I think that’s a new thing for Boos in mainstream Mario games, although they did still chase Luigi in Luigi’s Mansion even if he did look at them.

Just a screenshot of a cannon level.  We’ve seen the level itself before, but the screenshot seems to be new anyway.

Mario jumps around on some bridges.  Not much new here.

Raccoon Mario and Luigi flying around in a Mushroom level.  Pretty cool screenshot this one.

All in all, not much new stuff is shown in the pictures above, but there is at least some official art of a new Mario enemy and some more shots of familiar levels.


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