New Super Mario Bros 2; Much More Footage

From a mixture of gaming websites showing the first few worlds of the game and Japanese LPers making their way through the entire adventure, here’s some more footage of New Super Mario Bros 2.  First up, the full first two worlds as played by NiNTENDOMiNATi0N:

You can see a few interesting things from this one, like how the Iggy Koopa fight seems to work much like the one in New Super Mario Bros Wii with the giant chain chomp dragging him around.  However, it does seem to go off screen and wrap around this time, which is a neat touch.

Also, the Reznor fights seem to get gradually more complex as you go on, first only has two, second has four and I think they start breathing fire in world 3.  I also hear there’s a giant version of Reznor fought at one point, but finding a source for that is proving a tad difficult.

There’s also this picture of the special world showing a very familiar boss:

Yes, that looks to be Dry Bowser.  No, there’s no switch this time around to merely dunk him in the lava, so it looks like the battle might have a clever twist to it.

And here’s the final level and boss!

Yes, lots of Rocket Engines and traps here, including a tricky block snake room with lava moving rapidly upwards!  You also find out what the evil Koopaling plan is here, they use a magic spell which lights up the whole screen and turns Mario to stone when hit (just like in the SMB 1 manual?), and he has to break out.  Not easy when the room is mainly conveyor belts over a lava pit.

The final boss is next:

As absolutely everyone likely figured out, the SMB 1 Bowser battle looks to be merely a first phase in a long final fight, with the Koopalings coming in about halfway through to change the tide of battle.  Of course, the somewhat small and unimpressive battle arena for Bowser fight 1 doesn’t help convince people otherwise…

The final battle itself… seems like a sort of vertical mirror of the one in New Super Mario Bros Wii.  Basically, you climb appearing platforms going up a tower and dodge Bowser’s punches and fire blasts along the way.  Seems rather anticlimatic, but as said above in regards to the Dry Bowser appearance, this isn’t exactly the true final boss.  The main ending is I guess a bit different in that you see the Koopalings and Bowser lie defeated in the background as Mario carries Peach back to the castle.  Guess it’s nice to know that they didn’t just vanish when the game ended.

In other news, here’s a picture showing the full world list.  6 main worlds and three special worlds this time around, quite a difference from the likes of the DS New Super Mario Bros in world layout:

It’s… different that we’ve got Mushroom, Flower and Star Worlds rather than just worlds 7/8/9.  Not sure what to think about it.

And here’s some footage of the first castle and Boohemoth’s ghost house:

Have to love how Boohemoth peeks out and slowly moves forward after Mario looks at him for too long.

And here’s the cannon level:

As for the Wendy O Koopa battle, there’s a video of that too:

Same underwater gimmick as the Wii game, so not much to say here.  On the other hand, the scene afterwards where the next Koopaling in line (this case Morton) captures her is pretty clever, more interesting than just Bowser Jr carrying her from castle to castle and somewhat more logical.  Also, reminds me a bit of Hotel Mario.

In general, it’s hard to know what to even think about this game.  It’s had a lot less effort put in than some other Mario games did with the recycled music and ideas, but it does have some originality present and things like the presence of a secret boss show that it might be a minor step forward for the series in some sense.  What do you think of New Super Mario Bros 2 and its final level and boss, among other things shown?


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