New Super Mario Bros 2 has typos?

In both the game and manual apparently, showing a clear lack of effort in regards to the proof reading.

Here’s one in the manual.  Go on, spot the mistake.

Wait ‘two game cards and two game cards’?  Something is wrong here…

Looks like whoever was proof reading the manual forgot to check and make sure there weren’t any duplicated words/phrases.  Makes me wonder how you can screw up a single sheet of paper with maybe a thousand words of text on it max, but it’s apparently possible.

That’s not all.  The game itself also has a misplaced word in, visible in one of the coin rush menu screens.  This Game Explain videos covers it well:

So, your Mii character and name will be also be exchanged?  Something looks wrong with that sentence…

All in all, kind of pathetic for a game which takes so little effort to translate.  I mean, New Super Mario Bros 2 must have what, a few hundred words total?  It’s not even like the translators were hurrying it up to get the game ready to be released in multiple countries and needed to translate the game to various foreign languages either, these mistakes were presumably make by the American translators, who only had to translate Japanese to English.


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Video Game Chat
Video Game Chat
8 years ago

Typo’s happen dude, get over it.