New Super Mario Bros 2 has online multiplayer?

Did anyone else this thanks to the ‘Nintendo Network’ logo on the top right corner of the box?

Now admittedly, this doesn’t meant playing the levels with other people in co-op mode.  No, that’s been completely disproven thanks to the ‘players: 1’ line in the official press release provided on Nintendo’s media website.

But it definitely has some network/online functionality, likely of a more subtle kind.  What could it be?  Here are my possible ideas:

1. Nintendo has leaderboards for most coins collected in each level and somehow you share them online automatically.  This would be a fairly plausible way for an otherwise single player game to use Nintendo Network.

2. There’s a level editor and you share levels online.  Again, sort of plausible given that the game looks very simple stylistically and the level design is hardly the most complicated thing in the world.

3. It involves star coin sharing like in Super Mario 3D Land, and you can also share them/share mystery boxes/whatever via StreetPass.

On the other hand, it could just be a feature they plan to remove sometime in the game’s development or just a mistake, since Yoshi’s Island DS was originally intended to have online multiplayer too before they removed it some time in development.

Never the less, it looks like New Super Mario Bros 2 may have got just that bit more interesting, don’t you think?

Source was a member called Gelivable64 on the Nintendo 3DS Community forums, in a reply to the last article posted about the game.


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