New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC Announced (new coin rush levels)

Will any of us actually need them now there’s an exploit to max out the score in seconds?  Hard to tell, but either way Nintendo have finally announced the first extra coin rush packs for New Super Mario Bros 2.

How will they work?  Well there will be three packs of levels. The first emphasises Gold Mario’s abilities, lets you get up to 30 000 coins (presumably without infinite money tricks) easily.  The second sends the top worldwide scores on the level pack to the official site (I suspect this means the list will basically be twenty different entries all with 30 000 coins each, since that’s where the counter maxes out).  The final one is the Survival Panic Pack, for experts only. Obviously contains difficult levels based on things like Bullet Bill hopping and ‘expert’ tricks.

Here’s the trailer showing the new levels:

and here are some screenshots of them:

As you can see, the first pack is a dead easy set of levels emphasising Gold Mario’s abilities.  You should be able to rack up 30 000 coins in them no problem, without even using any special tricks!

Every level seemingly gives you a Gold Flower in the actual level itself.

And blasting huge sections of level into money is practically the main gimmick.  Is there a boss in this tower?  Who knows.

The second pack however is where you’re supposed to show off your skills, with the top scores being listed on the official website.

As you can see, the levels are quite a bit more difficult, although not at all unreasonable.

This castle could be tricky though, those Sledge Bros are extremely awkwardly placed…

One level involves running across a vast set of brick blocks and hitting P Switches to avoid falling.

The survival pack on the other hand, is hard as nails.  In one level, Mario has to keep running after being shot out a cannon, and bounce across hordes of Paratroopas flying above a deadly lava pit!

And another one has him constantly go Bullet jumping!

However, part of me wonders something… are these really worth the price they’re being sold at?  It might be only about £1.50 a pack of levels (200 yen in Japanese), but they look like something you could make with a level editor to be perfectly honest.  In fact, the hard packs levels are pretty much just Youtube quality kaizo levels sold for real money.

Still, if you’re that desperate to get max coins or just reach the million, I guess the insanely high number of coins in this pack could be what you need to get there.  And it is new Mario levels we’re talking about, so I guess some people will just want them for that reason alone.

Do you plan to buy the downloadable content/extra coin packs for New Super Mario Bros 2?


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