New Super Mario Bros 2; Challenge Pack C and Platform Panic Pack Announced

Two more downloadable Coin Rush level packs have been announced and shown for New Super Mario Bros 2, this time the third challenge pack and an additional one known as the Platform Panic Pack.

They’re available to buy in Japan as of right now, and will presumably be available to purchase elsewhere in only a short while.  Here’s some screens of both level packs that show off some of the new levels:

As you can see from the above screens, the theme of these levels tends to be moving platforms and other similar objects.  You’ve got a castle with Snake Blocks in a forest, you’ve got ghost driven platforms acting like the bonecoasters from New Super Mario Bros Wii and New Super Mario Bros U and those Dry Bones rafts from world 8 in a setting filled with volcanic debris crashing down.

Here’s a trailer showing the levels:

So that’s December’s downloadable New Super Mario Bros 2 levels for you, and these level packs will probably be out in most regions fairly shortly.  Do you plan to buy these coin rush level packs?  Or has the Wii U and New Super Mario Bros U made you lose all interest in New Super Mario Bros 2 as a game?


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