New Pokemon X and Y Art + info revealed!

Want to see the new Pokemon from this week’s Coro Coro Magazine scans more easily?  Well it seems like you’re now in luck, since the official Pokemon website has now put up information and artwork about each and every one of them.  Here are the new Pokemon:



A weird electric lizard, this Pokemon is notable for being the first ever creature with Normal as its secondary type. Learns a new move called Parabolic Charge, an ability which gives back half the damage done as health to Helioptile.



The typical early bird Pokemon of the region, Fletchling joins the likes of Pidgey and numerous others as a basic com mon found in the first locations. It’s yet ANOTHER Normal/Flying type.

Learns Flame Charge, which increases Speed in addition to doing damage.



A panda like fighting Pokemon revealed in the Coro Coro article, it learns a new attack called Parting Shot that lowers the targets Attack and Special Attack, and then switches out Pancham.  It’s type is Fighting.



The goat Pokemon that lets trainers ride on its back, it’s apparently a Grass type and learns an interesting new move called Horn Leech.  This lets it recover half the health done by said attack.

Kalos Region

The site also has information on other things like the region.  The confirmed name of this area is Kalos (as said in the magazine scans posted a week or so ago), and it seems like a lush, interesting place to visit.  Here’s a picture of it:

Kalos Region

As well as some new screenshots of the area taken from the official website.

 More Kalos Kalos Fountain

As you can see, it does look a whole lot like France even in these first pictures.  That fountain and outdoor cafe sure looks the part…

Lumiose City

The main city in the Kalos region, it seems to be based off Paris. This is backed up by both the official art and screenshots (shown below) and the talk of the ‘iconic tower in its centre’.  Talking of official art and screens, have a good look at these!

Lumiose City

Seriously, you just tell me this ISN’T based on France.  It’s got the traditional architecture of a Parisian street, an Eiffel tower style building in the background and what look to be various outside cafes and things as well as wide, tree lined streets.

City 4 City 3 City 2 City 1

The screenshots seem to support this assertion too.  You’ve got the blatantly Eiffel Tower like area in the last screen,  canals with bridges across them in the midst of the city and people sitting in an open air cafe.  Also, I love how the area is in full 3D for the first time, it’s not just a camera angle like the one in Unova’s central city in Pokemon Black and White.  Looks like this will be a very fun place to explore!


There’s also some nice clear art of the Kalos region Pokedex, which can be seen here:

Kalos Pokedex

Looks a bit like an iPhone if you ask me, or at least what you’d get if you crossed one with a traditional flip phone.

And unfortunately, the three different regions with seperate Pokedexes is supported, as mentioned here:

The Pokémon that reside in the Kalos region are registered in one of three area categories.

Damn you Game Freak.

The Main Character

The official site update also gives new info about the main characters and character customisation.  As per usual you can choose whether you want to play as a male or female character (do they even need to say this any more?  It’s been the case since at least Pokemon Crystal), but now you also get to choose different appearances and clothing.  Here are some screens showing these features:

Charactercustomisation6 Charactercustomisation5 Charactercustomisation4 Charactercustomisation3 Charactercustomisation2 Charactercustomisation1

Personally, I do hope they let you customise the basic facial appearances a bit more.  I mean, three choices is a tad limiting, don’t you think?  Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much…

As well as artwork of both default trainers:

Player male XY Player female XY

Not sure about them to be honest.  Their designs seem a bit strange compared to those of previous main characters.

Info about catching/fighting Pokemon

You probably know all this stuff by now, so I won’t repeat what the official site says.  It does have a few interesting screens to repost though:

ChespinMoves FennekinStats FroakieStats

Like these showing some of the moves the starter Pokemon learn early on.  Have to say, Chespin seems to be learning the best abilities off the bat here, having actually semi useful attacks even at level 8.  Fennekin and Froakie?  Not so much.

ChespinBattle FennekinBattle FroakieBattle

And here are some screens of the starters in battle.  I’m assuming Fennekin is using Ember here and Froakie is using Bubble, but I don’t recognise the move Chespin is using.  Doesn’t look like Vine Whip or Rollout, perhaps it’s a non damaging one like Growl?

Battle CatchingPokemon Pokeball

There’s also some screenshots of Fletchling being caught. Looks cool I suppose.

TrainerSpeech Trainer2 Trainerintro

As well as the player encountering different trainers!  Oh God, that Lass intro pic really weirds me out at the moment, it just looks like it came from the deepest depths of the uncanny valley.   I do like the comments about how ‘when two trainers eyes meet a battle must commence’, helps to explain this rather odd game mechanic and why random people are just standing around in fields waiting for passersby to fight their team of Pokemon.


What happens when you encounter a wild Pokemon.

Xerneas Yveltal

Some very nice official art of Xerneas and Yveltal.  Nice to finally have clear pictures of them, isn’t it?

All in all, some very nice pictures and art if I do say so myself, illustrating all kinds of neat things about the game.  Maybe the comment about ‘there being no wrong choice of starter Pokemon’ might be a bit wrong though.  Because to be honest, if the rumours are true, then Chespin seems like the worst choice simply due to many gyms being based on types good against it.  Like how Chikorita was a terrible choice in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Enough of that though.


There’s also a new trailer released of the game, which can be watched here:

This shows all these new Pokemon in action, as well as some of the new attacks and abilities.

And there we have it, all the latest Pokemon X and Y information, screenshots and artwork from the now updated official website.

What do you think of it all?  Are you excited for the game?



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7 years ago

You got some things wrong. 1) Horn Leech is not a new move. It is (until X and Y are released) Sawsbuck’s signature move. 2) Chespin uses Leech Seed. A move which has been around since Generation I. I think the male protagonist looks like Hilbert or Nate, because of the similar coloured clothing etc. Also, I disagree with your statement that Chespin gets the better moves out of the three starters. Froakie can learn Quick Attack, which has a high priority over regular moves, so is useful in a situation where you have to take down another Pokémon quickly… Read more »

7 years ago

I don’t know where you’re getting your information on the gyms in Kalos that make Chespin bad. So far, Chespin seems like the CLEAR choice for a starter. Rollout at level 8? Rock type can beat Ice, Fire, Flying, and Bug, all of which are strong against Grass. Chespin comes with built-in retaliation moves.