New Pokemon Revealed in Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer!

Well, it’s been posted in Japanese anyway. Here’s the video:

As you can see, there are quite a few new Pokemon in the trailer.

So here is some information about all of them. It’s not quite complete (since hey, it’s a Japan only trailer without any English information about the Pokemon shown), but it should give you an idea about what these new Pokemon are like in game.

Just remember; these names are prone to change, because they’re just direct translations of the Japanese ones.

The first new Pokemon is Tapu Koko. An Electric/Fairy type, it has an ability called Electric Maker which generates Electric Terrain. Basically, it’s a new ‘weather’ type condition that electrifies the ground underneath everyone’s feet for five turns. This increases the power of Electric moves by 50% and stops any Pokemon from falling to sleep in that time period.


Above: Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko also learns a new move called Wrath of Nature, and is sometimes described as Melemele Island’s guardian deity.

Also revealed is a Bug/Electric type called Denjimushi. This evolves into Kuwaganon, which keeps the same typing and can learn the Zap Cannon attack.


Above: Denjimushi


Above: Kuwaganon

More interestingly, the trailer also revealed a Pokemon called Jijīron. This is a Normal/Dragon type Pokemon with a new ability called Frenzy. This raises its special attack under certain conditions, presumably like if it reaches a certain percentage of HP left.


Above: Jijīron

It looks a bit like a traditional Eastern Dragon, and seems to be fairly powerful based on the video footage. Maybe a bit low on Defence, but it took out Flygon in a single hit once powered up with Frenzy.

Hagigishiri was revealed in the trailer too. This Water/Psychic type has an interesting (read, extremely ugly) design as well as a new ability called Vivid Body. Said ability prevents moves with increased speed priority from hitting.


Above: Hagigishiri

There’s also Aburī, a Bug/Fairy type Pokemon. It’s unknown what abilities this Pokemon has, but it is confirmed to learn the move Fairy Wind.


Above: Aburi

Another newly revealed Pokemon is Togedemaru. An Electric/Steel type hedgehog slightly resembling Pikachu, it has the ability Lightning Rod and learns a new move called Discharge Strike.


Above: Togedemaru

But it wasn’t just new Pokemon the trailer showed off. Oh no, it also showed off more of Zygarde as well.

What’s more, it confirmed that Zygarde 50% Forme (the one from generation 6) has the ability Swarm Change. This ability lets it turn into its Complete Forme at low HP. Interesting, given how any Zygarde caught in X and Y have a very different ability with much less useful effects. Wonder how generation 7 will work round that?

Oh, and it apparently learns Thousand Arrows now. So that unused move from generation 6 now has a purpose in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

And that wraps up the new trailer. Okay, we’ll need an English one at some point, to clarify a few moves and abilities. But still, the Alola region does look to have some cool new Pokemon, doesn’t it?