New Pokemon Mega Evolution Art (from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire)!

It’s already been online for a while due to the leaked Coro Coro scans that we forgot to post, but now Nintendo has added said artwork to the official site, along with various other media and information.  We’ve got the information and screenshots for Mega Altaria below, but if you want to see the others (including the much anticipated Mega Salamence), click the read more link to view the full post.

With that said though, let’s begin with the information!

Mega Altaria


Its Mega Evolved type is Dragon/Fairy, it’s new ability is Pixilate (which turns all Normal moves into Fairy type ones), and its Attack, Special Attack and Defence are increased, with the former two getting the biggest boosts.  Here are some screenshots of it:

megaaltaria2 megaaltaria3 megaaltaria4 megaaltaria5

Mega Salamence

Next up, Mega Salamence.  A Pokemon desperately needing help ever since about gen 4 or 5 (later pseudo legendary dragons have really outclassed this one), it’s finally gotten it as a way to level the playing ground with all the new Fairy types.  Here’s its official artwork:

Mega Salamence

It’s new ability is Aerilate, which turns its Normal type attacks into Flying type ones, taking advantage of its typing and boosted stats.  The main stats boosted by this Mega Evo are its Defence ones, although the comment that its ‘high stats get even higher’ indicates that other stats will get increased as well.

Some screenshots of it in action:

megasalamence5 megasalamence4 megasalamence3 megasalamence2 megasalamence1

Finally, we’ve got Mega Lopunny.  Yeah, not exactly the Pokemon anyone was expecting to get a Mega Evolution in a Hoenn remake, was it?

Either way…

Mega Lopunny


It gains the Fighting type as well as the ability Scrappy (which lets it hit Ghost types with Normal and Fighting type attacks).

Here are some screenshots ot it from the official site:

megalopunny4 megalopunny3 megalopunny2 megalopunny1

And that pretty much does it for the official site and its updates on Mega Evos.  Yeah it’s pretty much the same as in the leaked Coro Coro scans, but hey, it’s nice to have an offical confirmation none the less.

What do you think about these Pokemon and their new Mega Forms?




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5 years ago

I love the megas! And it gives me hope that one of my all time favorites, Flygon, will get a mega! How could Salamence and not Flygon?