New Pac-Man Glitch in Super Smash Bros lets him drop characters through the Floor

As we mentioned in a previous article, Pac-Man has already been seen as a bit of a glitchy character, with abilities that can be used to cheat in online mode thanks to developer oversights.  But now, it seems like he may have an even more broken trick up his sleeve.

Behold, Pac-Man’s new one hit kill move; dropping the opponent straight through the stage floor:

As you can see in the video by popular Youtuber MasterofHyrule, moving Pac-Man’s trampoline when someone is landing on it seems to send them straight through the floor of the stage.  Which if they don’t have multiple jumps or aren’t prepared, is a pretty quick KO for them.

It’s a pretty good trick to use in multiplayer, especially against characters using a transformation style Final Smash.

What do you think of Pac-Man’s interesting ‘trick’ to effortlessly KO his opponents?


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