New Nintendo Direct Conference Tomorrow?

No, you didn’t hear that wrong, Nintendo is holding yet another conference/presentation tomorrow, where hopefully more games and stuff are shown/revealed for the first time.

Really though, that’s unexpected.  Good news I guess, but damn that’s unexpected to have another one of these things so early in the year.  That said, here are some quick predictions about what I expect to see shown off at the event.

Kid Icarus Uprising: The game’s out about a month after the event.  Considering how the last few weeks have been an absolute barrage of trailers, screenshots and information about it, I expect any presentation is going to feature it heavily.

Luigi’s Mansion 2: It’s likely out this year, and we haven’t had any information about it in a long, long time.  Now looks like the time for Nintendo to open up the official website, release a ton more trailers on Youtube and send everyone a few hundred new screenshots of the game, seeing as its release date is approaching fast.

Paper Mario: Same as above.

New 2D Mario game: It’s coming out this fiscal year.  But it’s also not been officially revealed at any kind of event, and no trailers or screenshots currrently exist of it.  All this means its likely Nintendo are going to announce it very, very soon.

Others I expect are Metal Gear Solid 3D, Fire Emblem 3DS, Animal Crossing and maybe Monster Hunter Tri G.  This is because many of these games are either coming out this year or only been shown off at one event, so the coming presentation seems like the best time to reveal more about them.

Nintendo of Europe has made their own website for it:

As have Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America:

Now admittedly, the US one hasn’t updated the site today, but the others did. Oh, and Reggie sent out a SwapNote about it:

So, who else is excited for the event?  Because damn, it’s news day again for this site and forum, and I think it looks like we’ll get all kinds of new information about much loved 3DS games!


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