New Mickey Mouse 3DS Model Unveiled!

So how many different 3DS designs are there by now?  Because we’ve had a ton of Pokemon style ones, one for every game in the Year of Luigi and enough rare Japan only models to last a lifetime.  But none the less, now another unique design has been revealed.  Behold, the new Mickey 3DS XL design that’s coming soon!



As you can see, it looks pretty nice in terms of design, and works well as a promotion piece to go with Disney’s upcoming Disney Magical World game.

So yes, if you’re one of those people who wants a fancy 3DS XL and for some reason the two hundred ones haven’t caught your interest by this point, perhaps this special Mickey Mouse edition one might.  Same if you’re a Disney fan wanting to show your appreciation towards the coming or someone who wants a matching 3DS XL to go with that Disney video game they’re buying soon (the actual Magical World game does not come with this console).

But what do you think?  Are you interested in this new 3DS XL design?  And do all the designs make you feel a bit sorry for the poor soul out there whose life mission is to collect all of them?


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