New Mario and Luigi game announced for 3DS!

Remember how people were worried about the Mario and Luigi series after Paper Mario Sticker Star was revealed as a 3DS game?  Remember how some of these people were worried that with Paper Mario on handheld consoles there would be no point to the Mario and Luigi series or that it’d be ‘toned down’ like Sticker Star was?  Well it looks like all those fears are now unnecessary, since Nintendo have announced a brand new Mario and Luigi for the 3DS complete with all the cool gimmicks, originality and humour present in the rest of the series!

Here’s the trailer/footage of it:

The main new concept this time around is dreams, with Mario exploring Luigi’s dreams as part of his quest.  What’s the main storyline?  No one knows, but it seems like exploring Luigi’s dreams and mind makes up most of it.

What this means gameplay wise is that on the bottom screen, Luigi is sleeping throughout the game, and on the top one Mario is exploring Luigi’s mind, solving puzzles and fighting enemies in familiar RPG style battles.  But Luigi’s not useless here, oh no, you have to wake him up or mess around with his face to get him to change the dream world on the top screen or make dream versions of Luigi appear to help Mario in battle.  It’s an interesting new gameplay mechanic, and it’s definitely done well here.

Here are some screenshots of the game for good measure:

Mario and Luigi 4 Overworld 2 Mario and Luigi 4 Overworld


Above is the ‘outside world’, in another crazy Mario and Luigi style setting.  Below is the dream world inside Luigi’s mind.


Mario and Luigi 4 Dream Mario and Luigi 4 Dream 2


Mario and Luigi 4 Battle 2 Mario and Luigi 4 Battle


Above: Mario fights imaginary enemies inside Luigi’s mind, in an area very much remniscient of Bowser’s Castle.

Mario enter dream


Mario enters Luigi’s dreams via a crazy magical portal.

Dream Team Logo


The game’s logo.  As usual, more newspaper/media puns abound, with ‘Dream Team’ as the subtitle.

As you can see, it seems to utilise the two world structure found in Bowser’s Inside Story, with the sections inside Luigi’s psyche being 2D platformer based and those outside being in the tradition three quarters view RPG style.

It’s also seemingly no less wacky than the last games in the series, with the enemies, characters and settings being distinctly Mario and Luigi styled rather than the generic Mario mooks that made up Sticker Star.  Nice to know at least one Mario RPG series hasn’t tried to only use generic Mario characters and enemies and is actually adding new content.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team will be out later this year.


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