New Luigi’s Mansion 2 Interview from Game Informer

It’s quite an interesting read given how it discusses things like Charles Martinet’s voice acting and the general game structure, so you should definitely go see it at the link below:

Here are my thoughts on the interview and Nintendo’s answers:

Why did you decide to abandon a single mansion in exchange for several different mansions? 
Nakada: It’s because we wanted to have players experience using the Poltergust 5000 in a variety of different environments. This certainly would have been possible within a single mansion, but another intention we had was to have people play the game in distinct portions at a time. Therefore, we decided the current structure would be best in terms of achieving this goal.

Good reasoning there.  The mission structure and shorter periods of play on the 3DS definitely help the whole multiple mansion thing make sense, but the real main reason seems to be the variety thing.  It’s not easy to keep a single location varied for a lengthy period of time.  Is it possible? Sure, Ryuichi Nakada says so himself in the above quote, but it’d honestly require a lot of sketchy reasoning to try and cram the content variety of five mansions into a single location. What kind of house (bar maybe Bowser’s Castle) has that sort of stuff in it?

The multiple mansions in this game are so good that I’m honestly glad they chose to have them instead of just a single location, it means they could come up with all kinds of neat theming and backstories.

What is the recording direction given to Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario and Luigi? Does he just ad-lib or is he directed?
York: There is some ad-lib that happens, but generally we have to direct Charles in the recording sessions. The main reason being is he usually hasn’t played the game or knows the context of the scenes/animations. Depending on the scene, we have a variety of reference materials like scripts/art/storyboards/animations for him to watch on a video monitor. Sometimes he is acting to a finished animation scene. Other times we just give him verbal descriptions of the scenario and the scripts.

I have to say, Charles Martinet does an absolute fantastic job with Luigi’s voice acting, even more so given that he hasn’t played the game and may not have even seen the scene his work is intended for.  I’m surprised it’s possible to even fit most of the charm and charisma Luigi has in Dark Moon without actually knowing everything in advance.

There is an old ghost-hunting Mickey Mouse cartoon. Did the team draw any inspiration from that?
Holliday: Most of us have seen that old classic so it probably is knocking around in our subconscious somewhere.

This is interesting.  Next Level Games may have been inspired by older Disney cartoons when designing this game?  Never even would have thought to make that connection.

Why doesn’t the game support the 3DS Circle Pad Pro?
Holliday: The circle pad pro became available pretty late in the development of the gameplay mechanic we had been developing. The second stick of the Circle Pad Pro just didn’t work with the fishing mechanic that we had created and we felt it didn’t add much to the experience.

Honestly, I see no reason the Circle Pad Pro even should have been supported.  Hell, the simplified game mechanics and more action based ghost catching in this title work far better than the clunky versions featured in the Gamecube title.  Maybe less really is more in this case.

What’s up with Luigi and Daisy? Neither Luigi’s Mansion games make an obvious mention of his love interest.
Nakada: Well, who knows? Maybe Daisy needs to get kidnapped first, huh? For this, at least, there’s not much we can say.

Hence why Daisy isn’t in this game.  I do have to be honest though and say I see no reason for her or many other Mario characters to be in Luigi’s Mansion 2.  Might have taken away from the atmosphere a bit to have half the regular Mario cast captured or involved in some way.

Holliday: I think the Polterpup ended up being Next Level Games’ favorite.

Nakada: That’s the sentiment at Nintendo, too, I think. While I can’t go into specifics, we liked him enough that we wound up giving him an expanded role in the game towards the end of development.

They sure do like that Polterpup at Nintendo.  And  I agree, it is a really cute, really likeable ghost in this game.  Especially how it interacts with Luigi throughout the story.

Well, there you have it, more questions about Luigi’s Mansion 2/Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon answered by Nintendo and Next Level Games staff.  It’s not the longest interview in the world (especially compared to the likes of the Iwata Asks one), but it’s definitely interesting to read how Next Level Games may have been influenced a tad by a certain Mickey Mouse cartoon or why Princess Daisy wasn’t in the game.

What do you think about this interview?



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