New Luigi’s Mansion 2 Commercial!

It’s another Japanese commercial for Luigi’s Mansion 2/Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, although again it shows even more great footage of this game.  Here’s the video:

So what’s new in this video?  Well there’s some fairly amusing footage of Luigi get slammed in walls by fake doors like in the first game, so I guess that kind of obstacle is one thing that’s returning this time around.  And you also get to see Luigi stun a Polterpup and suck it up in a random side room.  Not much, but it’s quite funny to see the ghost dog look like it’s been caught in the headlights:

Stunned Polterpup


Above: When the heck do ghost dogs usually float in mid air on their hind legs?

And there’s always the ‘trying way too hard’ commentary from the Japanese guy playing if you really need something to keep you amused.  How do Nintendo of Japan always seem to find the most deranged people for their TV commercials?

But what do you think about this new Luigi’s Mansion 2 commercial?

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Have you guys seen any tv commercials for this in the U.S? I don’t watch alot of tv, so i’m not sure if there are any.