New Kid Icarus Uprising Screenshots (about 50 included)

Wow, they sure do like releasing screens of this game in large numbers, don’t they?  Well here’s another batch of screenshots, showing all kinds of levels and items, and with the usual fancy lighting effects that every other picture of the game seems to have focused on. So for imagery like the moon hanging low over a city or some greek looking symbol on fire or Medusa ominously overlooking Pit from the background, keep reading!

Here’s one of them.  Looks nice.

And another.  Have to admit, the world map looks really nice from here, and I just love the colours and effects of the sky.

Seriously, what’s with that frog enemy?  Sorry, it’s facial expression just really, really bugs me.

Nice view.  Although why is Pit glowing like that?

Pit fights enemies in the sky… with magic!  Really, this looks awesome.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but man does it look fantastic.

Okay, is it me or does this look like one hell of a difficult boss fight?  I mean, if those are the projectiles he’s using to try and kill Pit… then wow that looks hard.

This does not look like a pleasant place to have to be.  Maybe it’s the skull and bone themed decor.  It also looks a bit like an ice level.

Freaking hell, beam spam!  Seriously though, those lasers look quite tough to avoid, and remind me a lot of your standard Hollywood action movie.

Oh jeez, what the hell is going on in that castle to cause all those lasers to fly all over the place?  Then again, maybe it’s just the ultimate security system for the forces of the underworld…

Too bright!

Treasure chests.  The ultimate fantasy adventure cliche?

Oh dear, a spot of bad weather there I guess?  Looks nice though.

So this is part of a battle against Medusa I guess?  Does she summon enemies in battle or something?

Really nice view here.

This castle seems important.  Probably a location where a major boss battle takes place.

Wow, nice view here!  Although perhaps the moon in the distance is just a little too bright?  Especially considering how unrealistic it currently looks.

Looks like something from Castlevania here.

Kid Icarus Uprising, as you may already tell looks like an amazing game, and probably has the best graphics on the 3DS.  Bring on the game’s release date so we can see if its ambitious design has paid off!


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