New Game Screenshots; UnchainBlades, Scribblenauts and Time Travelers!

Three awesome upcoming Nintendo 3DS games get screenshots this time, all of which were released in the last few days (the screenshots, not the games)!  First of all, there’s Scribblenauts for the 3DS, which looks near enough identical to the version being released on the Wii U.  Here are some screenshots of it:

On a related note, in screen 4 of the above (with the castle, wooden rabbit, etc), is that a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail?  Looks like it, wonder if this game will feature memes and popular culture references as much as the last two did.

Moving on, we also have screenshots of UnchainBlades EXXiV, seemingly a sequel to the last such game on 3DS:

However, as someone who isn’t an expert in the series and hasn’t played any of the games prior to this one, I don’t have much to say about the screenshots above other than it looks pretty good and will probably be a decent game for anyone who liked the last 3DS installment.

Finally, some more screenshots of the game Time Travelers.  It looks interesting enough.

Well, that’s today’s latest 3DS game screens up on the site and made available to everyone.  Do they make you want to buy any of the games shown above (presuming the second two leave Japan)?  Comment below or post your thoughts in the forums!


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