New Ecco the Dolphin game on the way?

Well, here’s a franchise revival you never expected to see!  Apparently, the creator of the Ecco the Dolphin series is going to meet with SEGA to discuss the possibility of a new game in the series, and that the original game’s composer could also be onboard with the project.

Now, it’s not quite confirmed, game creator Ed Annunziata did only say on Twitter that he’s convinced SEGA to discuss the idea of a new game, not that one is already in development or has already been greenlit.  Still, it’s always a good thing to see another classic series get revived like this, right?

Here’s the original Tweet:

Ecco fans, I need you to follow & tweetthank @scottfoe, he convinced SEGA to meet with me now chances of a new Ecco the Dolphin X100!

What do you think? Is this a good thing, to have a new Ecco game on a current gen console? Think SEGA will approve such a project?


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